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Beautiful Extensions in Armadale

Here at Damer Builders, we work with you to make sure we produce a bespoke renovation that works with all aspects of your property. We love Turning your vision into a real place you can spend with your loved ones. 

Damer builders specialise in bringing your dream home extension into reality by providing the highest quality service and attention to detail in the South East Melbourne area. Our specialty is building custom renovations on Armadale’s beautiful period homes. Our team work with the existing property site dimensions and building plans to custom build your dream renovation. Our Melbourne Building team will work with your plans and homes potential to deliver you a stunning and functional home renovation or new build


Double your home space while staying in beautiful Armadale

Building a second storey extension to your home adds huge value to your home and boosting your assets. Not only will it increase the property price, but you will gain fantastic space to create memories with the ones you love. A growing family can be accommodated by adding a second storey extension adding quality space and freedom for all members. Building up in Armadae can be a much more viable option rather than building out further covering your land. Here at Damer we have everything you need to go a head with planning and completing your renovation in Armadale.

Why build a second storey?

  • It is often easier to build up than sideways or into precious backyard space
  • Building an upper level extension brings light and space into your home
  • Add value and increase your property price
  • Attract a wider net of buyers if selling
  • Stay in your neighbourhood
  • Increase your space and design a better flow across your home

Speak to our team today and stay in East Malvern with a home that looks beautiful and has all the space you require. We work closey with our clients to build the 2nd storey extensions of their dreams

Restoring the past to the present

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